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Judy Nollet

Hi, Jenny,

The idea that pops into my mind is to create an "answer" that says "Skip this question."  You could change its design and/or layout to make it obvious it's a different kind of answer. The user would still click the standard Submit button after selecting "Skip." Of course, "Skip" would be considered a wrong answer. And this would only work for multiple-choice questions (though I suppose you could drag-and-drop an answer onto a "Skip" target...).

The course could track which questions were skipped by changing a variable when someone submits a question with the "Skip" button in the Selected state. Then the Results slide could indicate which questions were skipped by checking the variables. (If you're unfamiliar with using variables, check out Articulate's tutorials.)

Note that this method only logs the skips for the user, not the LMS. Storyline can tell the LMS what the user's score on a quiz is. It doesn't provide the info about which questions were answered correctly or incorrectly. If you want that kind of detail, you'd need special coding expertise (which I don't have).