Allowing user to miss a question in a quiz?


Could someone remind me how I can allow a user to miss a question in a quiz in Storyline please. So to hit submit without answering and then just move to the next question. It'd be fine to have it just score as an incorrect answer. Although might be even better marked as incompleted so they can return to it before actually finishing the quiz.. It is just a set of review questions to help users revise and think about stuff, not a real test, but having a score at the end is still good. The 'you must pop up' is annoying even with the text changed. Is there an easy way to make it not appear?


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Sarah,

I believe to customize the submit button you need to remove the default one and create your own.

To delete the default from multiple slides

  1. Go into Story View
  2. Select all the slides
  3. Click the "Submit"check box to remove the X.

I threw something together really quickly, and what I did while here was also to:

  • Click the "next" check box to insert an X
    This is so the Learner can skip this question and keep moving along.

When you insert you own button, add the "submit interaction to it"

Action: Submit Interaction

Interaction: This would be T/F, Multiple Choice, etc.

When: User Clicks

Object: This would be your newly created submit button

I set the quiz up so the Menu is displayed. In this way, Learners can go back to any slide they'd previously skipped.

So perhaps this will get you started, and others will chime in.

Sarah Ednay

Hi Steve

'mmmn, that's certainly interesting to know and I didn't realise that and can think of some uses for it, thank you.

I guess what I had in mind was something similar to a paper test where you flick thru and answer the easy ones, maybe go back and try the ones you ignored again, or just leave them as ignored (i.e. wrong). When you do a paper test you aren't forced to write anything. Perhaps I'll add "haven't got a clue" as one of the options when I can and set a variable to pick that up and then I can play with that in different ways....


Jeanette Brooks

Hey Sarah, you might want to check out this tutorial to see if it gives you the behavior that you're looking for. It involves replacing the Submit button with Prev/Next buttons, so that learners can skip forward or back up to answer (or not answer) any question. When they get to the result slide, Storyline evaluates their answers, and unanswered questions are considered incorrect. What some course designers like to do is add a little confirmation screen just before the result slide, to confirm that the learner really is finished...that way they can go back and review or change their answers before they proceed to the result slide.

Sarah Ednay

Hi Jeanette

Yep, that's good that works fine. I hadn't thought to leave the scoring till the end so was fighting getting it on each question, but actually this is fine and means I can drop in a revision option when I have something useful available. And yes I now have the 'are you really done' slide in, thanks for that tip.

Admit I'm still mystified where the formatting for the 'review' bit is hidden away when it shows whether each question was right/wrong. I know I can format the individual question feedback pop up and the results slides layers, but haven't found that bit yet.....

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Steve, thanks for the information re changing the submit button trigger to jump to the next slide. Seems I'm always forgetting something!

Jeanette, tx, too, for those tutorials. I'm sure I've been through some of them. Just can't hold it all in my head.

Sarah, tx for the questions. And, yes, how does one modify what appears on the "review slides"?

Sarah Ednay

Thanks Gerry. I think I must be having a dim day as I started with a skip button but must have had a glitch in it somewhere as if questions were skipped then last one didn't take you on to the results slide. But it seems to work fine now either way. But yes, I guess it's time I stopped being lazy and dropped using the player built in buttons 

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Gerry, tx for another solution.

Jeanette, thanks for this video. I'd looked at the Feedback Master, but then didn't know where to look when I got there!

Question: I haven't tested any of this yet; simply watched your Screenr, and it doesn't look difficult at all. But I do see that the default Correct/Incorrect "banner" at the botto is still there. What if you wanted to remove this?

Sarah Ednay

Hi Jeanette

Agreed, thanks for the video. I'd got as far as the answer level feedback box and more dialogue, but hadn't entered anything to get the layer to appear as it didn't seem to offer a lot - but now I understand, thank you.

So is that dialogue box with the big brother response to not submitting an answer on a graded question, hidden away on a feedback master somewhere too? I've managed to change the text and the colour but not move it or zap it....
Though in fact for the way I've set things up now it doesn't actually matter - but it would be good for my ongoing learning about SL to know the answer.

Like Becky I guess I also expected to find that correct/incorrect banner tucked away on some layer hidden in the depths. Ah well, not the end of the world. I had looked to see if you can change its colour in the player 'advanced colours' bit, but concluded that you can't... 

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Sarah,

Yeah, the "Invalid Answer" popup isn't currently handled with a layer - it's something that Storyline generated automatically, and right now the only ways to customize it are to change the text and the colors, as you mentioned. If it really bugs you though, it's actually possible to bypass it and create your own layer to tell learners that an answer is required. But it's a little bit of legwork. You need to create your layer, create a trigger that reveals the layer if none of the answer choices are selected, and also modify the trigger on the Submit button. Attached is an example. 

Sarah Ednay


I finally got some time to go back to this .....I have too many job roles, most of them a lot less fun :(
Jeanette - Thanks for the invalid answer example, yes that's friendlier.

Just one more question please: back to the Review mode Review Layer.... it is just the one layer regardless of whether they got the answer right or wrong isn't it. Sometimes this is fine, but sometimes it would be good to only have the extra materials show if they actually got the answer wrong. So can I access the built in variable/logic that records that info for each question? Or do I need to put something in manually?
It looks like when you leave scoring until the end of a set of questions then you only seem to get access to the overall results variables. Have I missed a magic button somewhere?

I have put an 'InReviewMode' variable in so that when they are in review mode they jump over the extra slide of the confirmation screen that I put in as you suggested so they had a point at which to decide if they had finished trying the questions. That works fine.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Sarah, yes, with the Review mode layer, that layer will display regardless of whether they got the question right or wrong. Currently there isn't a way to create multiple different review layers depending on what the learner answered...however, here's a thought. I bet you could create some remedial content on your review layer, set its initial state to Hidden, and then add a trigger to the layer so that it changes to Normal only if the learner got the question wrong. 

Sarah Ednay

Hi Jeanette

Yes that'd be fine. Sorry this will sound stupid probably, but what's the best way to check if they got the answer wrong? - is there a built in variable that I can access? I think I understand how this could be done if each question was submitted individually, but not when it is left till the end... I feel like I've missed a set of variables that log something like Q1=correct; Q2=incorrect. I'm happy to put a manual thing in but just can't quite see where/how

Jeanette Brooks

Sarah you are asking awesome questions! Don't ever feel like your questions are silly - all these features are so new & powerful, it's no surprise that it takes some exploring to get acquainted with them.

Here's how I would tackle your situation, and it actually doesn't even require a variable. What you can do is change the initial  state of your remedial info to Hidden, and then on the Review layer add a trigger to change its state to Normal if the user got the question wrong. Check this out:

Sarah Ednay

Hi Jeanette

Many thanks again! Yes this works well and I can make it work fine now for T/F, Multiple choice, numeric/text entry and drag&drop, thank you! ......But the question type I'd started out trying to do something with was a sequence drag and drop question - .... any clues on how to check if the answer was incorrect on that type of question? 

Also would there be any reason why any of this wouldn't work on questions in a question draw from a question bank? When I've done new trial Qs it all works fine, but within the original Qs which were imported from Quizmaker it doesn't seem to like it. I'm guessing something has got messed up with reformatting or whatever and probably I just need to go through it all methodically.

Sarah Ednay

Hi again

Well I've been trying to fix my problem with this technique used in question banks....
So I copied a couple of questions from one of my 'real question' question banks and put them into a scene as individual questions along with my new  'daft trial' questions...and the review layer with the extra feedback shown only if the question was incorrect, works fine. I then put in a new Question Bank draw with the draw being those two same 'real' questions.... and the review extra feedback action doesn't work!
'mmmmn. So I then made a new question bank with a couple of the daft trial Qs, and then pulled them back in as a question bank draw. And the same thing - the review on the daft Qs which worked as individual slides, doesn't work when they are pulled from a Q bank...

Would someone else like to check out this concept for me? Any clues whether I'm just messing up something to do with Question Banks or whether this could even be a bug..... ?

Thank you!

Jeanette Brooks

Sarah I'm so sorry I missed your question yesterday! For some reason I didn't receive a notification about your post yesterday or the one today, which is odd. Will have to look into that.  

Regarding your question about the sequence drag/drop. What I would do is create a true/false variable that pays attention to whether the learner got the sequence drag/drop question correct. Set its initial value to false, and use a trigger to change it to True at the beginning of the timeline of the Correct feedback layer.

If you prefer not to show feedback after the question, here's what worked for me: keep the feedback turned on, but just add a trigger that immediately hides the layer and moves the learner to the next slide when the feedback layer appears. That way the learner doesn't see the feedback layer but you can still use it to trigger your Variable to change. Attached is an example. 

Eoghan O'Maolain

Jeanette Brooks said:

Right now there isn't an option to remove the correct/incorrect banner at the bottom, but you can conceal it if you draw a rectangle on the lower portion of your slide master layout. That works best, of course, if your slide is a solid color and you make the rectangle the same color.

I've tried this and it doesn't work. These banners are an irritating unnecessary feature and I can't find a way to turn them off. I've tried using shapes in the slide master - in layers and direct on the review slide itself and can't get anything to work.

My client is adamant that they don't want them and if I can't get rid of them, I'll need to use a different development tool.