Allowing users to skip a question then come back to it before submitting all the answers

Hi folks, I've been reading a lot of the posts referring to this conundrum but haven't figured out the best way to to accomplish it. I've looked at and tried the solution, but what I'm finding is that those questions that are answered and submitted show up again in the review.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.





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Mike Delaney

Hi Leslie! Well I guess I'm looking at different options. First of all the
client has "asked" that learners be able to skip questions they're not
ready to answer and to com back to them (as per your review button just
before the results screen) I can do that certainly but what I'm looking for
is a sleeker way of allowing them to go back and review (and answer) ONLY
those questions they haven't answered.

Is there a way to do this?

Thanks for your input it's greatly appreciated!


Todd Brison

Hey Mike and all!

I realize I'm about a year too late on this response, but I wanted to submit a solution anyway because this took a while for me to build and I feel like it would be useful for others. 

I'll attach the story file, but essentially what I've done to create something like this is 

a) Don't give the student immediate feedback on the question, this will allow them to navigate to previous and next questions without issue. 

b) Create a "bookmark" on each question page. when the student hits it, it will trigger...

c) ...a true/false variable tied to each bookmark (this could get time consuming! Mine was a 63-question test)

d) Create a review page with a reference to each question. If the bookmark is flagged, the student should be able to click the corresponding icon and return to the question. 

e) Once all bookmarks have been cleared, the student can then finish the course.

This is a very time-consuming solution (I don't even want to know how many triggers are in here), but if you do it once, you'll never have to build the structure again.