Almost there! Quiz Progress Monitoring w/test bank

Hello All,

I have been working on quiz progress monitoring for a quiz that is submit all at once and using a test bank. It now feels like I am almost there. I have Numbers on the left with a navy background that represent all questions. As you click next, the question that you are on shades gray. As you select an answer, the number shades green. What I need to do now is make it so that the change to green on a particular number stays as the quiz continues. I want this to be an indicator for the test taker of which questions they need to return to since they were temporarily skipped. I have attached the file. I would really appreciate an assist on this one! I have attached a generic version.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Leslie!

I took a brief peek and it seems like you are needing some design assistance and hopefully someone will be able to chime in and assist you.

I did notice that it seems you have True/False Variables for each question, but are not utilizing them. If you set a trigger to toggle each one to true and make the color change based off of that, I'm sure that could work for you.