Alpha Channel preservation when importing video clips

This is a continuance of an ongoing discussion with Articulate concerning alpha channel preservation. Ashley, since I mistakenly upgraded my Mac to OSX 10.xx.xx I am no longer able to export any video clips in an .flv format. All tools previously working, including After Effects 4,  were not ported to the new OS, driving us cattle to Cloud apps. In addition I have browsed around to find a .mov to .flv converter that would preserve the alpha channel. No luck. My question for Articulate is since there is a growing wall with anything "flv" do your developers have any thoughts or inclinations towards preserving the alpha channel with .mov files using H264 compression. This would seem to be the way portable, streamable video is headed anyway....


George Moureau

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi George,

Thanks for reaching out here - and sorry to hear about the lost programs! As for what's in store - we're unable to share information in regards to our product road map or new features we're looking at including. The best thing to do is share your thoughts here in the forums or in the form of a feature request as those can be categorized and tracked by our product development team. 

Hopefully others in the community will also be able to weigh in on what they've set up and done to work with alpha transparency!