Alpha Channels in Storyline

Apr 29, 2016

I've authored a course that makes extensive use of video alpha channels.  An actor has been "keyed" into a virtual set using flash video with an alpha channel.  It's very effective as it makes the video files smaller while giving the look of full screen video.  

The issue is that, as far as I know, this process CANNOT work in html 5.  The alpha channel will not key.  This is a MAJOR bummer as I've developed  this method of presenting video.  It seems like html 5 is a major step backwards as far as video capability goes.

Does anyone have a similar experience?  Is there a way to utilize alpha channels to create a "key" in html 5?  

The only solution I've heard so far is "don't do that any more".  Put your actor over a black background.  

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