Alpha issue when publishing to Html 5 Storyline 2

Jan 19, 2017

Our team uses a great deal of custom graphics, buttons, and interactions created  with images that utilize alpha channels.  Example would be a vector return button or menu button (hamburger like graphic).  publishing to flash the buttons work fine, but when publishing to html5 output the browser see the button and the alpha channel.  So when user goes to press the custom button the curse in chrome for instance will see the alpha channel and not show up.  The user will have to move the curse to the part of the image visible, so if it a icon that is small this can be very hard to click on it.  Is this a known issue and is it being addressed?

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Pete C

Hey there Ashley.

Does Articulate plan on holding on to the pretty much obsolete FLV/Flash player as a vehicle for creating animations within Storyline? My company has produced some great work with SL but like many, many other companies out there, we no longer produce Flash based graphics at all.

I have an animation that was created in AfterEffects and it utilizes an alpha channel to maintain it's outlined appearance. We do not publish to Flash anymore and, though we rally for it, have several customers that are not interested in taking the extra steps to download, install, and use the Articulate mobile player...

What should I do...?

Thanks for your time.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pete, 

I can see that you’re still struggling with the issues of FLV and SWF files since you reached out here and in this other discussion. 

I shared some insights there in terms of what changes we've made to Storyline focused on HTML5, and you'll see those changes are in the latest versions. If the Flash videos are still causing you some headaches have you looked at converting them with any other tools to an MP4 format or something similar that would work better in the HTML5 output? 

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