Already Visited Menu Items Not Initially Highlighted When Revisited - Storyline 360

Hi Everyone!

I am currently working on converting a Storyline 2 course into a Storyline 360 course and am noticing 1 issue with which I'm hoping someone can help me out. 


In Storyline 2, when I visit an already visited slide, it is shown as highlighted in the Menu.  In Storyline 360, when I visit an already visited, the slide title is not initially highlighted in the Menu; it takes a couple tries to get that slide title to highlight in the Menu for some reason.  Also, in trying to get the slide title to highlight appropriately, the Menu tab text turns randomly red and then eventually changes back to the normal text color. 


Is anyone else experiencing this issue?  Any thoughts on or help with this issue would be great. 


Thank you!


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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks so much for reaching out and for opening a support case, Betsy! I see my colleague Gerald recently sent you a couple of links to test since he was unable to recreate the menu problem you were seeing.

If you have any questions about those links, feel free to reply to this discussion or to Gerald's email!