AltGr key issues with data text entry field


I'm having issues with the data text entry field.
I have an azerty keyboard and for certain characters ( |, @, #, ^, {, } )
I need to use the AltGr key. 
(For example AltGr+é = @, AltGr+" = #)
It seems that Storyline doesn't support this key because I can't seem to enter those characters in a data entry - Text entry field.

I can only work around it so much, in some cases I just have to check if there is a @ or # typed in the required field.
Has anyone encountered this? Is there a possible solution? Using another keyboard  (or qwerty type) is not an option because I can't be sure that all the users have the same type of keyboard.
I hope Articulate can solve this as soon as possible in an update.

Thank you in advance

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