Alt text and transcipt tab 508 compliance questions

Nov 27, 2012

Hi all!

I have two questions that are both concerning 508 compliance:

1)  We have been trying unsuccessfully, to have the notes section of Storyline show up in the notes tab or transcript tab. Is there something we need to do other than insert the text in the notes section and display the tab in the player?

2)  The Alt Text is not showing up in preview of Storyline or when we publish it to eCollege, our LMS. Any ideas why?



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Peter Anderson

Hi Elaine, 

For the notes issue, see if this article helps uncover a step you may be missing. You'll also want to check to be sure that if your notes background is white, that your notes text is not also white. You can learn more on color parameters with this neat tool. 

As for the Alt Text, you may want to test your content on SCORM Cloud to see if it's an issue with your LMS. If the Alt Text works properly in SCORM Cloud, that would point to an issue with the LMS you're using.

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