Alt text not being read by JAWS

Mar 30, 2018


We are facing issues currently where some of our slide objects are not being read correctly by JAWS in Chrome (Or NVDA/Voice Over for that matter).

The "Myth" buttons in the attached story file are read as "Error Button" instead of their alt text, which is a pretty major issue.

I have tried recreating the buttons multiple times with new icons, but they still read as "Error Button". I have another file where other buttons are read different from their Alt text as well.

Please assist

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Jeff Forrer

I tested this publishing from SL3, Update 2 , not using latest Update 3 as I have had issues with it.  Performed as expected with latest version of JAWS 2018.1803.24

I did change out the custom Sans fonts to OpenSans and published to HTML5 with Flash fallback here:


Jeff Forrer

You are correct, it happens after slide 1. 

And yes we had issues with the Alt states with Update 1 so we had to do a workaround to make items read correct in JAWS, it was supposed to be addressed in Update 2 and it is better, but there still is a method to the madness, the latest Update 3 I have not used because of its instability, so I have not made the leap yet to see how it works with states there.

Lisa Spirko

Matthew Bibby, thank you so much for identifying  accessibility on the states as being the culprit. I have been experiencing the same problem for months and chalked it up to being an issue with NVDA. Now it works fine. :)

As Jeff noted in sharing the link, this is a bug, and it's frustrating that Articulate hasn't fixed it yet. This was identified over a year ago.

Thanks again, guys. This was a very helpful thread!


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