AlterEgos HD lip synching .swf repeating in preview and publish

Jun 01, 2014


I've seen several posts where Articulate Heroes are using AlterEgos HD to create lip synching avatars.  And, It's really cool.

Unfortunately, I'm having trouble with the .swf output file repeating both in preview and in publish.  I've added a trigger to "stop" media when timeline ends, but this does not prevent the .swf video from playing over and over again.  This does not happen with Captivate, but I have to use Storyline for this one.

Please, any ideas? 

This does not happen with inserting same avatar as a .flv file, but, with .flv, the background is not transparent; it's a black background and I need it to be transparent.

As usual, totally appreciate any and all ideas.  Even if the response is...that AlterEgos doesn't work with Storyline.   At least I can research another solution.

Thanks in advance,


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lisa,

If you've inserted it as a Flash file, the swf file will not be synchronized with the timeline as described here.  If your SWF file is a movie that requires no interaction from users, you can use the Insert > Video > Video from File option, which synchronizes the video with the slide's timeline and then you could be able to use the triggers to stop media when the timeline ends. 

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