Altering Matching Quiz Question Review

On my matching questions, when the learner reviews the quiz, the results appear very confusingly. The answers on the left are the ones I selected during testing. The answers on the right are the correct answers. However, the learner would be confused as they're not color coded or labeled. Furthermore, 2 of the 3 are obscured by the dropdown image. Have I done something incorrectly here or is there something I can do to clean this up in my quizzes? During the actual quiz, everything is layer appropriately and no text is hidden. This only occurs in the review (as pictured below).

I did create a Review layer on the question-creation window. However, I wouldn't want to create a custom layer for each matching question. As the Review layer doesn't actually show the screen the learner sees, but just allows you to create a new layer or add to the Correct/Incorrect layers, I'd have to trial-and-error the design until things were aligned, such as a column header indicating which answers the learner selected and which answers are the correct answers. Any insights? Thanks!


Matching Review

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi James,

Are you using Storyline 1 to create your quizzes? I see an issue that was reported to our QA team where on review the drop downs are overlapping and causing some display issues. I don't have an update on this particular issue to share here, although I can add this thread to the existing report filed with our QA team. If you're using Storyline 2 do you have a sample file that you could share with us? 

In regards to the review layer you created, I'm not sure I understand what you're describing. The review layer if created for each individual question would be what the user sees upon reviewing and that way you could indicate the correct answers next to the original question as long as you're not applying any shuffling to the quiz question. 

James Snider

Hi Ashley. Yes, it's Storyline 1. The Review layer was just a shot in the dark because I thought I was doing something incorrectly and perhaps the Review layer was the key to what I was doing. But since it's a logged issue, I'll just try the same matching question with the puzzle pieces instead of the dropdowns. One of the many great things about Storyline is that there is no shortage of built-in test question formats. Thanks!