Alternative tracking and completion strategies

Jul 06, 2012

Storyline is awesome!  Our company is handing out  iPads that will be used for aviation charts and manuals but will also be the vehicle for mlearning.  So SL is exactly what we need.  For the best experience I want to use the Articulate Mobile Player App since it provides the ease of use as iPad intented.  HTML-5 through Mobile Safari doesn't seem ready for prime time yet and doesn't provide the correct experience.   

With regulatory training, the problem we face is with tracking completion. I have been following Tin Can but know that it is some months away.  So I need to come up with an alternate strategy to track the completion of the courseware.  Here is my current thinking:

Have SL generate a specific code based on the student's ID.  This code will only be seen at the end of the course (slide advance restricted).  When the student completes, they must then enter that code into the LMS to show they have completed it.  Each course would have its own unique code. 

I was wondering if others are doing similar things and if there are any examples?  I have explored using HTML-5 but am concerned about its clunkyness through Mobile Safari on the iPad.  And I am thrilled by how the courses look through the mobile app.  Our current LMS also does not support mobile applications at this time  so we must host our courses on a web site.  I am currently using Articulate-Online for all testing and small group tryouts. 

So my ultimate question is:  Are others using alternate completion and tracking strategies out there?  I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who is and how they are doing it. 

Thanks so much.  And again, Storyline is exaclty on target.  Well done!

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