Alternatives to Interactive US Map

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for some ideas.  I have a US map of Agricultural Rules by State and was going to make each state clickable and when a user clicks a state they will see the specific rules that pertain to that state pop up.

The challenge is that some of these Ag rules are over one MS Word page long, and that has already been pared down.  It seems like alot of text to pop up on the page.  Before I dive into this project I thought I would post on here to pick your collective wisdom and ideas.

Thank you for any ideas you are willing to share.


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Carolyn Siccama

Thank you, Tom.
In my further searching I found that I like this format for a pop up box.
Which makes the content chunked into 3 sections that the learner can click on without getting overwhelming amounts of text at once.

Any ideas as to how this "map location" box was made? I'm trying to recreate it from scratch and not sure if storyline already has something like this already built in.



Noel Read

They are actually pretty easy.  Create a new slide that isn't linked to any other slide, then create a trigger for the pin that, when it's clicked will open a lightbox and specify the new slide you've created as the light box slide. 

From there you can add a layers and replicate the layout you liked. 

I'm sure there are tutorials as well, you will probably find some if you search lightbox in the forum. 

Carolyn Siccama

Wow, thank you all so much. I decided to use a lightbox slide with one of the pre-populated storyline templates.  I've done Virginia as my mock up.  Still need to update the images.

Question: Are the lightbox slides supposed to show up on the left menu? For some reason I thought they would not show up.  Is there a way to not have them appear on the left navigation menu?