"Always resume" feature is not working

Hi all,

I'm using Storyline 3. 

When I publish my SCORM to LMS, the player feature "Always resume" doesn't work properly (sometimes it resumes from the wrong slide, more often it doesn't work at all). Player feature "Prompt to resume" doesn't work neither (the message "Would you like to resume?" simply doesn't appear).

I tried all sorts of different set up (SCORM created in SL1 and published in SL3; SCORM created and published in SL3; SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004; when revisiting slides, "Reset to initial state" option and "Resum saved state" option; ecc.), but I wasn't able to obtain what I wanted.

I used Storyline 1 since 2013 and I never had such a problem... 

Is anyone else having trouble with this?

Many many thanks in advance!



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Clare,

Were you using Google Chrome to test the published output? 

If so, we're seeing the same problem on our end. In Storyline 360, a course does not resume when published with TinCan and accessed using Google Chrome for Windows. 

To be sure, try using another browser like Edge or Firefox, and let me know if you see a difference. I'll be standing by!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Clare,

In that case, would you mind if we tested your published output file? We can test it in another LMS environment to be sure your LMS isn't causing the problem.

You can send that file along to our team by clicking here. We'll test it in SCORM Cloud and let you know what we find.

By the way, replying via email includes your signature with contact information in the public forum.  Feel free to edit your reply here!

Eric Preston

Was there a solution to this? I'm having a similar issue. I have 9 computers that are not networked and not connected to any type of LMS. I'm publishing the test to HTML and have a copy of the test on each PC. On 6 of the 9 PCs I'm getting the "Resume Where You Left Off" prompt, but on remaining 3 computers I don't get the prompt. All computers have the same load set and are all using Internet Explorer for the test.

Vincent Scoma

Hi Eric,

Thank you for reaching out! How is the course being published? If it is for Web Distribution, is the course hosted on a web server? When viewing a Storyline 360 course on your local hard drive (or send it to others to view on their local hard drives), you'll encounter security restrictions from the computer, web browser, Flash Player, and network that can cause various features of the course to fail.

I think this article may help point you in the right direction! It discusses viewing your content in its intended environment, i.e., on a web server if publishing for Web Distribution.

Eric Preston

Hi Vincent,

I'm publishing to Web, but I've tried publishing to CD as well. The test is a standalone assessment on a non-networked PC. I was experiencing the issue with 3/9 of the PCs the other day, then yesterday I was doing some testing and hadn't changed anything at all. Suddenly the 6 assessments that were working started randomly not allowing me to resume where I left off. I've seen other posts where they talk about a memory issue where it's resuming at the wrong spot, but that's not it. When I'm testing the resume function I'm only progressing to the 2nd or 3rd slide so the memory issue shouldn't happen. It's not even asking to if I'd like to resume.  

Each PC has the same exact assessment on it from the same .zip file. I'm using Windows 10 and Internet Explorer. The resume function doesn't seem to be working in a predictable manner. Is this a known issue?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Eric, 

Thanks for the additional details. Do you have the course set to Always Resume - if so, you wouldn't see a prompt, but the course should pick up on the slide you left off on. 

If that's not happening and it's starting over entirely, it's possible that the browser cookies and cache is being reset. That's something you'd need to look into the Internet Explorer settings for, and possibly engage the help of your IT team. So the predictability of it will depend on those settings.

When using a course locally or within a Web server, we'll rely on those individual browser settings to resume vs. when hosting in an LMS that would track that data point. 

Let us know if that helps narrow things down a bit. 

John Doyle

Hi - Saw this recently in Moodle where users were attempting to resume in the middle of a quiz and "force new attempt" was selected in the LMS settings for a SCORM package.

As soon one interaction is recorded/submitted to the LMS, like the first quiz question answer that is reported to the results slide, the LMS will consider it an attempt. At that point, if the user exits before finishing and returns, a new attempt will be forced, making it seem like none of the resume behavior is working. 

Quick fix is to choose "No" for force new attempt; the user can then resume in the middle of a quiz or anywhere else.

Won't apply for everyone, but hope it helps a few others in the future!