Always resume issue

May 29, 2015

Hi everyone!

Lately I've been experimenting a very weird issue while setting the always resume feature.

I made some tests and found that the always resume wasn't working. Once completed a big test, the system didn't bring me to the result slide but to a question inside the question bank.

After several tests, I found that if the test has 36 or less questions, the always resume works correctly. If the test has more than 36 questions, the always resume brings you to the 36th question...

Weird, isn't it?
Did someone else notice this issue?

Thanks in advance,

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michele,

I popped in to take a look at Mauro's case referenced above and it looks like the suspend data limits were the culprit:

The suspend_data element for an Articulate Storyline SCORM course tells the learning management system (LMS) where you leave off when you exit the course and lets you resume the course later in the same place without having to start over. It isn't likely you'll exceed the suspend data limits imposed by some LMSs. However, if you do, this information will help you resolve it.

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