Always resume stops working

Oct 29, 2013

Hi... I have a course with a lot of slides that, until today, have been working with always resume. 

Today with no change in the course, the always resume stops working. Now, the content does not resume just simply.

If a choose "propmpt to resume", the course will resume but, when i got back to always resume (wich i need not to loose the variables) the rsume stops again.

Any similar post to this behaviour... any suggestions


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Juanjo Haro

Hi, i've been reading about in the forum and talks about a problem with the lms data lenght but the problems comes in the browser too, out an LMS platform.

The issue comes with two slides too. That was working until now... i will submit a ticket

Update: the IT people tell that they don't want the "prompt to resume" cause it does not work on iphone O_O

Juanjo Haro

Hi, the issue happens now always. I've been working with the Update 3 and this was working as I check myself, but know the "always resume" just stops working even in courses that was working.
That, with the issue that the propmpt to resume not working on iphone is a big trouble cause if you activates the propmpt, the iphone users can't resume, if you activates always resume, no one can resume :(((

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Zio,

Based on another thread I read where you were talking about clearing out the browser's cache with some Javascript, I would suspect the resume behavior is being lost when the cookies and cache are cleared out. As Phil mentioned there, it's likely something that you may need to share as a feature request and/or you may want to check with your LMS team to see if they'll be able to control the resume behavior without relying on the browsers cache and any flash cookies that Storyline would normally rely on. 

Zio Fonta

thank you for answering Ashley, at the moment we just try to refresh the window with a javascript command, not to empty the browser cache literaly, since as you correctly say this would result in loosing the resume data. We noticed that if the refresh is made manually, the speed of the course goes back to normal levels.

Anyway the javascript command works, but the resume does not. If the resume is set to display the prompt, the page refresh and the prompt correctly appears. If we set to "always resume", the functionality does not work in Moodle generally, it takes the user automatically to the first slide. (on pc and ipad, with or without the "ignore flash cookies" flag) 

I made a test on Scorm Cloud, where the courses are launched in a popup window, and the javascript command closed the popup (instead of  refreshing the page) but the "resume always" worked correctly when i clicked again on "start course"

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Zio,

Thanks for the clarification - I wanted to make sure we were on the same page. I'm not equipped to assist with the Javascript set up, but if it's working as expected in SCORM Cloud then it sounds like Moodle is having difficulty with the always resume set up - do you know if there is anything within the Moodle site about how it bookmarks and resumes? I assume you also selected the checkmark to "ignore the Flash cookie" when running it in your LMS? 

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