Am I getting dual states?

Sep 03, 2018


I have created a simple drag and drop activity using the Freeform to demonstrate the problem I'm facing. 

I have created 2 big squares (in a row) and a smaller oval (on the next row). 

The oval has to be dropped on the second square. If dropped correctly, it triggers its Disabled state. 

If dropped on the first square, it triggers its Selected state(with its telltale glow). Users can then continue and drag and drop it on the second square.

This should ideally trigger the Disabled state, ending the activity.  

Here's the problem: On dragging and dropping it on the first square, it does trigger the Selected state. However, when dragged and dropped from there onto the second square, it does trigger the Disabled state, but the image of the Selected state (the glow) is still seen. 

How can I get rid of that glow? 







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Eric Santos

Hi Yogeesh,

I am quite new in the forums, but please let me contribute to this thread.

Thanks, Michael for the story file!

Regarding the question whether you're getting a dual state, considering that the glow is part of the Selected state, and the glow persists even if the state changes to Disabled.

We don't have a dual state here, rather this is an expected behavior regarding Disabled states, as discussed in this article:

"if an object was in a Selected state or Visited state before being disabled, some of the attributes from the Selected/Visited state will also be part of the disabled object."

Cheers to the wonderful Articulate team for the great documentation on this matter!  :)

Hope this clears up the issue further.




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