Amazon S3

Apr 03, 2017

I know that there are a lot of messages about Amazon S3 on here, some that are fairly old. However, I am still kinda lost on its utilization. So I am hoping someone can clarify up my questions.

When building my e-learning courses, I have 7-10 mp4 video files that I need to have inserted into the course. Some of the videos are 45 minutes in length, so as you can image, the size of the course is large! I am not compressing the videos because it destroys the quality of the video.

Would utilizing Amazon S3 to store those videos and insert the link inside Storyline a good option? Anyone have any issues with the videos playing?

Once the course is complete, I publish and upload to our LMS Platform. I am trying to determine the costs that Amazon S3 has in terms of streaming those video files via our LMS. Does this make sense? Am I over-thinking this?!

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Brian Dennis

If playback speed and performance is important to you I'd suggest a video-specific platform that offer content delivery networking (CDN) that works behind the scenes to move copies of your videos closer to your students automatically. Pricing varies, but performance with most is quite good. The downside is a second place to manage your project's files. Good luck.

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