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Organizational Development

Good day!

I just ran into the same issue as Julie.  How I solved it was to retire (not use) the Normal state for the square. I created a new state (name it whatever you want).  I used this new state as my initial state.  Change the fill and outline just like you would any other shape.  The way I am doing it, I have to create a new state for each square.  There is probably a better way to handle this besides creating a new state for each square, but I haven't worked on that yet.  A least this will get you by in a pinch. I attached my story file.


Organizational Development

I just did that.  Thanks for the reminder.  These forums are really helpful.  I just hope I was able to finally help someone.  Do you have an idea if there is a better solution than the one I explained?  Creating a new state fore each drag item seems like the long way around.  With all of the great things Articulate can do, I would hope there is a cut and paste type answer to what I did.


Timothy Kedzior