American Roulette in storyline

Sep 23, 2016

Hello everybody,

Spending a night in casino gives you so many ideas to create something out of the box, same happend with me earlier in september. Today I like to share my idea of simple Roulette game created in storyline with you. It's a simple choose and spin game where all you need to place your bet on a particular number. As its my first attempt to create such type game I haven't make it much typical. All I used is Javascript for random numbers and some additional triggers.


It is not an original American Roulette table but I try to give you the feel of real. So invite your friends to your place click the below link ask them to place there bet and spin the wheel, don't forget to collect the betting amount :) 

It's not real, but it has fun more than real.

Click Here for demo.

Don't forget to give your valuable feedbacks to make it better.

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Kartik Tyagi

Hi Rena,

Just received your message on my elearning heroes profile. Definitely I’ll provide you the source file of the example. But right now I’m on a trip so don’t have access to my laptop and other stuffs. Will provide you by Monday also if you want to see it in action kindly visit our work section.

Kartik Tyagi.
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