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Tracy Dancer

Thanks Bill for your suggestion, went through it and thought yay just what I need! Only problem I seem to be having is everytime I try to save my multiple choice slide which has score by choice I get asked for which answer is correct - I don't want one of them to be ocrrect as each answer is correct really, each is just scored differently. Any thoughts?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tracy,

You'll need to choose one option to be correct within the standard question set up. Do the users only need to select one to be marked correct, or would you like them to select all the correct answers? If the latter, you'll want to use the multiple response set up instead. 

If they only need to choose one to be correct, you'll need to set this up more as a custom question such as the Pick many format. You may want to review this thread where there is an example of how to set this up.