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Rachel Barnum

Hi Amma, it looks like you zipped a folder in a folder.

Go to the published unzipped folder on your hard drive. Go inside of the published folder.  To know that you are in the right folder, you should see "imsmanifest.xml." Select all of the files within the folder. Right click on one and zip.

Or, when you publish the Storyline file, an option to "zip" the file comes up once it's complete. If you click that, it will properly zip it for you.

Amma Knight

My issues have been resolved through the uninstall/reinstall. I was experiencing the freezing at Adding Views when I launched Articulate Storyline 2... then apparently whenever it launched, it was not publishing SCORM correctly. Now, it starts correctly when launched and publishes the SCORM appropriately, for uploading to Moodle.

I am happy that this issue was resolved quickly, we recently purchased this software to replace another software that has been nothing but a headache. The Articulate Support is second to none.


Stephen Scott

I came to this thread with the same problem. I was downloading the course in Safari and had the preference set to "open safe files automatically" which would open the zip file immediately upon download which somehow messed it up. Disabling this solved this for me. Hopefully someone finds this helpful.