An issue about change states

Hi All

I have tried to use the change states function. Here is my issueBefore active the trigger.
This is what I expected after the user finished their chances to attempts.

1. Button will be disable

2. Color will be changed from blue to gray. 

but after I tested it, the button, yes it will be disable, but not changing the color to gray. 

I set a variable call attempt 01, original value = 0, when student click the retry quiz will + 1 .

The change states button trigger condition is when the attempt 01 value = 1, the retry button will disable and the color will change to gray. 

However, only the disable function work properly but not the color, I am looking for a way to fix this issue.



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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Edward,

So, a couple things. First, did you change the color for the Disabled state of the button:

  1. Click the Retry button on the slide (it won't be grey yet)
  2. Click the States tab
  3. Double-click the Disabled State
  4. Change the button color to grey via the Format tab.

Also, you can actually achieve this without a variable, since you're only allowing one retry. Simply add a trigger to change the state of the Retry button to disabled when the user clicks the Retry button. Just be sure the triggers are in the correct order on the Results slide. See attached (very plain).