Analytics - Tracking Duration of Slide Views and Time-To-Task

Apr 16, 2015

I'm running a trial of Storyline right now to see if it can be used to capture the analytics data my school needs to collect.

I am interested in very granular data like...

-How long do users (individualls and collectively) spend on individual slides

-How long do users take to complete tasks (Time-to-task or latency)

-What flow do users follow (sequentially navigating slides? jumping around? what is their "behavior flow")

-If users watch embedded video, how much of the video do they watch?

Our LMS is not really compatible with anything (SCROM, Tin Can, etc...), so I'm wondering if any of this data can be tracked using Articulate Online or with external tools like Google-Analytics or something else (????).


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeremy, 

Your first two bullet points are information typically gathered by the LMS, and it's not something that Articulate Online currently gathers. As for the last two bullet points, I don't know of a way to track that in Storyline, especially the video element. Hopefully someone in the community can weigh in and share some thoughts. 

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