Analyzing Skills and the "Slidebar"


I"m in the process of proposing a redesign regarding our current process for pre-testing our students/customers.

I was fortune enough to stumble on this online quiz that provided me some serious inspiration.

I'm confident I can pretty much replicate most of the features in this quiz in storyline - with the exception of the slidebar.  Any ideas on how to incorporate a slidebar similar to the one in this quiz into Storyline (without having to hire a flash programmer)?  I know it's not necessary, however I'm just curious if it's possible.

Any feedback will be much appreciated.  Also, I "reverse wireframed"  the quiz in powerpoint (attached). I figured it might come in handy for someone out there. If it does - let me know


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RC -

Anybody?  Here's a screenshot.  So basically it's an interactive slidebar.  When the slidebar on this website is clicked and dragged, the total score field varies.  I'd really like to be able to pull this off in the lesson I"m creating (yes I know I'm getting distracted by the bright and shiny stuff but I can't help myself sometimes.)

Perhaps the drag and drop functionality would work for this?  (I haven't really done much with that yet).


RC -

Hi Annie -

That's exactly what I needed - thanks!  You made my Friday.  

I don't think it'll be as smooth as the flash version, but it's worth giving it a shot in storyline. (plus I don't know flash that well anyways so it's not really an option).  Considering I get buy-in from my teammates on this project and move forward, I'll be sure to send you the source files.  (I'm going to try and get a leaderboard in there too since we'll be hosting this on a wordpress site).

Thanks Again!