And/Or Triggers on Multiple Response Question

I have created a question (multi response) in my course - and I have custom slide layers dependent on the response the user submits, and they have to select two of the 5 possible answers to get the correct layer response and any variations of the others give the incorrect layer response. 

I have also added a submit interaction trigger so that once a user has selected two items they click "continue" and..... I want to add an "Or" conditional trigger to this, but cannot get this to work !!  my AND/OR dropdown is greyed out so I cannot change it.

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong ?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Michelle!  To use "and/or," you must have one condition on that trigger already.  Are you finding that you have a condition, and then when adding a second condition, the option is grayed out?

So for example, show layer 1 when user clicks button IF state of x is visited (first condition, grayed out) AND state of y is visited (second condition where you'd see the and/or option).

Let me know what you're seeing!