Android and external links


I have a course I'm working on. This course is a revision of another course that was built 10 or so years ago, with HTML and Flash components.

I decompiled the Flash and rebuilt the bits that needed to be rebuilt. I put it together within Storyline, embedding the Flash within and opening the external HTML popup windows with hot-spots and hyperlinks. 

This works great within computers/web browsers, but I wanted to see if it would run on my new Android tablet. It is a Galaxy Pro 12.2 running OS 5.0.2.

I downloaded and installed the Articulate Player for Android. I even found the last Flash player, 11.3, for Android & installed it. I published the course file with all the check marks checked for a full publish build.

When I ran the course, the Flash didn't show, and the external links didn't work. Everything else seemed to work okay though.

I figured there would be issues with Flash, but the external links not working made me wonder. Perhaps the failure of the embedded Flash created some sort of cascading failure that stopped the hyperlinks from working? I don't know.

Has anyone run into this sort of trouble? Thanks in advance!

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