Android App - Articulate Storyline Update>=6 - Resizing Issue

Hi ,

We have a native android app. For courses currently in articulate update 6 and update 7, we are facing articulate player resizing issue. The player just does not fit into the screen.

This is happening on android version 4.3 and below on some devices.

One Device is  - Samsumg Galaxy Grand

OS - 4.2.2, Phone Model - GT-I9082

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Emily Ruby

Hello Rahul, and welcome to Heroes!

If you are using update 6, and 7 of Storyline 1, Android devices are not supported.

Storyline content may work on some Android devices. However, since Articulate does not officially support Android devices or browsers, it may not work on all. Click here to review the system requirements for authoring and viewing Storyline 1 content.

We do offer Android support with the Storyline 2 software release.