Angled text save as picture creates image with excessive extra space?

Dec 05, 2018


Using Storyline 360 I am making simple shapes graphics etc. for a freeform DND (crates with text) and saving as picture.

 Images consist of simple rectangles and a box of text  (Stencil STD  also tried with arial) placed at an angle. 

Saving as picture with angled text causes the image to be the proper height but the full width of my screen area/Story i.e. 70 px H 720 px W

When not angling text the issue does not occur. Also angled text by itself causes the issue, no other objects included. 

I have tried:

All objects selected - Save as picture

Save crate as image - Add Text - Angle - Select all objects - Save as Picture

Group all objects - Save as picture

All methods cause the same issue, anyone else experience?

This could work without the save as picture but due to font choice saving as a picture and using that as the DND object should avoid text display issues on learner machines (my thinking anyway :) ).

Another end goal for consideration - Not all of our ID/Devs have Photoshop or the skillset, creating in PowerPoint is an option but would like to stay in the one program. TYVM

Images attached -

Crate_w_Text - sample issueimage

Crate_w_Text3 - Text Not angled no issue

cratetext - issue with text alone



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for letting us know what you are seeing when working on your Storyline 360 course.

Based on your description, I tried to replicate what you may be seeing, but I'm unable to do so.

Would you be able to share your .story file so that we could take a look?

The sample file I worked on is attached.

Patrick Nolan

Thank you for taking a look Leslie, I cannot open your file appears we are on different release versions which could be my issue.  My current version V3.10.139230 :( my apology I should have checked /added that to my original post.

At current due to IT constraints, I cannot take updates. I will see if i can get the update pushed through and retest/report back. 

Thanks again for testing!

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