Animate by paragraph treating all text as one object AND as paragraphs

Dec 22, 2016

I'm working on a slide in a project that has plenty of paragraphs animating in just fine.  For some reason though on this slide the paragraphs aren't animating right.  I tried turning the animation to fade from left so I could see what was going on and I get the whole set of bullets floating in, then on the time when the second bullet should come in it floats in over top of the existing text.  So basically Annotate is treating the whole set of bullets as the first object, then each subsequent bullet as a new object.

I've tried everything.  I removed all of the triggers and tried again, same thing. When I make a new test text box and animation paint it from the other text boxes it works fine.  

Here's a screenshot of my project page and the animation options: 

Any idea what's going on?

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Liam Currie

As a follow up:

I am just deleting these text boxes and redoing them.  Still confused about what happened.

I am also having a problem getting the text to change states after to a custom state after a set time period.  The text is supposed to change colour but nothing happens.  I can make it change to default states like  Hidden just fine, and if I set a test text box that does not animate I can make it change to the custom state as well. Even if I just do a normal animation it works.  However, when I take that test text object and try to make it animate by paragraph after the custom state is set it won't let me.

Something seems broken about this.

Liam Currie


I'm trying to figure out exactly what's causing this other issue with animations and states too.


1. I pulled up a new slide, made some bullet points in a text box.  Animated them to fade by paragraph. Tested the slide: works.

2. I add a custom state to the text box that changes the color of the letters. Test again.  Still fine.

3. I set a trigger to change the state of the text box to the custom one when timeline reaches 5s. Test. The animation works but color doesn't change.

4. Remove the animation from the text. Test. Text does not appear at all, even at the 5s mark.

5. Turn animation back on. Test. We're back to step 3.


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