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Shalabh Jain

Prakash ravi said:

Hi   i have edit and send  your file mr.Shalaban

Hello Prakash,

I think I could not communicate properly. I am not looking for drag and drop functionality. What I am looking for is- If I have created 4 states of an object, how can I animate each state with different entry and exit animation? Say 'Normal' state object enters with 'Fly In' from Bottom, but its second state enters with 'Spin' etc. etc.

Chris Jones

Hi Tim,

Regarding your question about animating on exit with states. I believe it is possible.

First do as Phil suggests, copy and paste the object in the state, and choose your entry and exit animations for that object Then you can invoke the exit animation by changing the object's state to "hidden" before changing its state to the another state. Timing of the exit and entrance animation may not be perfect though without a bit more tweaking. Check out the attached.