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Jul 29, 2014

I'm trying to use an animated GIF in a Storyline presentation. The problem I'm having is the GIF doesn't necessarily play from it's beginning. It seems to start playing before it appears on the screen so that it is impossible to get the timing to work. Also if I hit the replay button, it starts playing randomly from wherever it feels like it. Any one have some ideas for how to resolve this? You can check it out at (look at 1.8):

video sample

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Robert,

Without seeing the original GIF, I'm not sure I know what is the beginning or not...I watched it a few times, clicking back and forth between slides using the next and previous buttons and then using the menu. Each time, I saw a mouse cursor move up from the bottom of the screen, click on a drop down menu, type in to a window prompt and then a new image appears. I also didn't see a replay/rewind button on the screen itself or within your player (part of the seekbar - which is not on slide 1.8). Possibly is this the wrong course or wrong slide?

Could you share the original .story file here with us if I'm misunderstanding?

Andrew Winner

This is a total shot in the dark, but you could consider changing the Slide Properties > When Revisiting to Reset to Initial State.

Also, if you're having trouble with it playing before it appears, maybe that has something to do with your animations. If you're fading the element in or even using fades between pages, that could account for that behavior.

Good luck!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Robert,

Thanks for sharing the file. I took a look at that and then replayed the course link you sent to us earlier, and both appear the same to me. It starts over each time without fail. When you're viewing this, are you always viewing the published link that you shared with us or are you previewing it, viewing the published version locally? You'll want to test within the intended environment, as testing it locally could cause you to encounter some unusual behavior.

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