Animated ,gif and .swf delay appearing on Storyline Slides (Base or Layers) - Storyline 2

Jul 21, 2017

When using any animated .gif or .swf file, when the slide is previewed or published, the image does not appear immediately when played , there is a brief moment (second or partial second) before any animated image appears (template will be empty in that area for that moment).  There is no problem with still images, they are present always when slide is played.

Issue delay happens on the base layer and each layer of slide which contains animated .gif or .swf files.

Has anyone had the same issue and found a resolution?

Thank you.

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Brian Dennis

My guess is the delay is SL creating a fresh copy of the rendering engine, fetching the resources dynamically, building up the time line event list then rendering the first seconds of presentation. If you factor in the point the resources could be a) large, b) network based and c) large one or two second delays is quite impressive. Static images are assembled into the rendered content directly hence the "slowness" of publishing

Art Smith

Thanks, That's too bad.  I recommend removing the capability of inserting videos altogether from SL, since that's how it works.  

Who would want a blank screen for a second or two at the beginning of each slide layer that has video in it.  That's really aggravating that I can't use any type of video illustrations in interactive training without them randomly popping up after a second or two before they start playing.

Why would Articulate put such a poor function in SL in the first place??? 

Much appreciated!

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