Animated GIF issue in HTML5 output

Hi everyone!

I've been using Storyline for around 6 months now and am enjoying seeing what the software can do - especially now that I've started using Storyline 2!

This site has been an invaluable resource for learning the ropes, and so I thought I'd finally join and try to tap the collective wisdom of e-learning's Mightiest Heroes, as I've run into an issue that I just can't figure out.

I'm currently working on a project with bespoke illustrations, and as a little added touch I've made animated GIFs of the characters' eyes blinking. They're very simple 2-frame GIFs, with a long hold on the "eye open" frame and a single frame hold on the eye closed.

They work absolutely fine in the desktop version, but in the HTML5 export the holds on the frames are reversed: the eyes are closed for a while, then flick to open for one frame. Needless to say this is making my characters look a lot sleepier than I'd intended!

It seems that this issue is occurring on export; the source GIFs play fine and the SWFs converted for the desktop version likewise, but the renamed files in the "mobile" folder are altered.

Has anybody else encountered this issue, or something similar? It's not a deal-breaker if I have to take the GIFs out, but they are rather fun. :)

Thank you in advance for your help!

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