Animated GIF not showing randomly with trigger SCORM 2004 3rd

Dear all,

We’ve been using Storyline for 3 years and found useful tips in this forum.

Hopefully you can help us solve the one we describe here.

We built a SCORM 2004 3rd edition course. There are triggers on several slides that show an animated GIF image when users have visited all items in the page. When clicking on the GIF image, the course jumps to the next slide.

Here is the issue that happened to more than 500 users (our client has 25.000 users +):

-          RANDOMLY, the animated GIF images do not show.

-          When a user find this issue, he can log on the LMS from ANOTHER PC, he will have the same issue when answering yes to resume the course. If he restarts the course from zero, he can find this issue on the same slide,  or another one, or no issue at all!

-          On the SAME PC, this problem can happen to one user, but NOT to another user

Has anyone found similar issues?

Thank you all.

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Quentin Hua

Dear Emily,

Thank you for your answer. The coursehas been tested on 3 different LMS and it ran well.

Actually, it also runs well for ourclient... for 98% of the users!

What’s weird is the random aspect. Itsounds the issue is related to a user’s session on the LMS and not to the PC.

I was also wondering how often and whenthe course communicates with the LMS, is it only when user exits the course? I would like to share this experience withyou: we launched the course (which size is 12 Mo), disconnected internetaccess, go through the course for a while, reconnect to internet, exit thecourse, launched the course again and which resume correctly!

It sounds our course can be uploadedentirely without internet access (must depends on cache memory of browser). Thismake us think that the issue is within the course itself…

Brian Allen said:

I didn't know animated gif files were even supported in Storyline... Cool!

Dear Brian,

Glad to bring the information to you!

We use more and more animated gif as Flash is not supported well on tablets.