Animated gifs don't display in states


I had a search through the forums and couldn't find anybody with my exact issue. The closest I got was this thread:, but my problem is a bit different.

I'm using several animated gifs in a project I'm working on, and most of them display perfectly in html5 and flash.

However, some of my gifs have other image states (usually static png images), and this seems to be preventing them from displaying in html5. Instead of the gif, I get a white X (gif error), but when the gif changes state to a static png, it displays perfectly.

I had a look in the production folder and all my gifs are there and display properly using any image viewer.

Has anyone had an experience like this? Is there a workaround?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Greg!

Sorry to hear that you've run into an issue with this as well. Just to confirm, you are using Storyline 2 as well?

The reported issue is specific to states/GIFs as well. Is this what you are experiencing?

I know other users seemed to get around this using layers vs states. 

If you'd like to share that slide in a new .story file, I would certainly take a look.