Animated GIFs performing poorly on Storyline 3 vs Storyline 2

Feb 09, 2021

Hi, we transitioned from Storyline 2 to Storyline 360 at the beginning of January 2021 for our SCORM production.  Our SCORMs use a lot of animated GIFs and we have found that performance of these GIFs on the Storyline 360-published files is significantly poorer than on Storyline 2-published files.

We have built a test-case here for you to look at.  The first URL is a Storyline 2-published SCORM published to HTML5:

The second URL is a Storyline 3-published SCORM, a straight conversion of the Storyline 2 .story file without any additional changes and then published to HTML5:

What we have noticed is that on Storyline 2, each GIF is loaded once and then cached for each subsequent use, while in Storyline 3, there is a cache-buster query string that is appended to each GIF asset.  This query string causes the browser to re-download the identical GIF asset from the server each time it is used in any scene.  Is there a reason for the cache-buster query string?  The SCORM worked perfectly before when published on Storyline 2 without having to redownload the GIFs each time.

Here is a screenshot of the Chrome dev tools Network analyzer (filtered for only GIFs) for the Storyline 2 output:

Network analyzer for Storyline 2 output

And here is a screenshot of the same content but published on Storyline 3:

Network analyzer for Storyline 3 output

Note, because of this problem, we have had to revert back to Storyline 2 and test and debug using our HTML5 publishes since the preview function is no longer available as that was using Flash.


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