Animated interaction activty

Hi all. This is totally new to me, so please bare with me. I am trying to do an interactive activity that is like drag and drop. What I have is a voltmeter with a lead connected to it and the test probe connected at the other end of the lead. What I want to happen is when the learner clicks on the probe they move it to a specified location on a wiring schematic. The problem I am having is when they click and drag the probe it disconnects from the lead, I need the lead to stay attached to the probe and the meter  so as they move the probe the lead will expand and contract (much like when you draw a freeform curve line) while staying anchored to the meter. Is this possible to do in Storyline?

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Steve Flowers

Hi, Barry - 

This type of "wires" animation isn't supported. This would be pretty cool but it's a niche feature. Have you considered doing something like this? Forgive my fast and nasty 5 minute DVM graphic. If this is something that would work for you, I'm happy to upload transparent PNG's of each element.