Animated Media Panel Slide Show in Storyline

Nov 13, 2014

Does anyone have any suggestions for creating a slide show in Articulate Storyline that works similar to the Media Panel in Engage '13? I would like to have slide icons at the bottom and, perhaps, a right and left navigation arrow. Depending on which slide icon is selected, the new slide will navigate in to the left or right, pushing the slide currently active out of the slide frame in the appropriate direction. So if slide 2 is currently showing and the user clicks slide 3, slide 3 will animate from the left to the active position and push slide 2 to the left outside of the frame.

I've tried several things using the motion paths but am struggling. I created motion paths from the center to the right, back to the center, to the left and then back to the center again. That creates 4 motion paths. I then created a variable to indicate which slide was active and, depending on which slide is selected, the appropriate motion path is triggered.

Any ideas would be appreciated. I'll probably just go with a fade in slide for this project but would love the affect if possible.

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Lu Post

Hi Nicole, yes, I am using SL 2 and the new Motion Paths.

Ashley, thank you for the link. I did see this and thinks it's great. The difference I would like is to have a the new slide animate in from the left or right of the active slide and "push out" the current slide depending on whether the new slide is to the right or left of the active slide on the icon panel (like the Engage interaction works). I know it's a nit-picky thing but really like the way it looks.

This example hides the active slide and has the new slide animate in from the left each time.

Thank you!


Lu Post

Ebola Course

I continued to "play" with this and was able to get what I envisioned to work. It took a heck of a lot of time and programming and I'm certain there is one or more easier ways to get this to achieve the same outcomes. However, I was persistent and am attaching my results. The attached files includes a template course of an Ebola slide show that simulates slides moving right and left depending on which slide is active and which slide is selected. You can move through the slides either by clicking the slide icons or the navigation arrows (top and bottom). I wanted the new slide to push the current slide to the left or right depending on whether it was to the right or left of the current slide. I ended up creating layers and using the new motion path animation in SL2. I also included a caption for each slide that can be floated in for more details.

I'm including my completed project (link above) and the SL file. If you would like to recreate this, simply change out the slides in each layer and in the icons. I'm happy to guide you on specifics if you have questions.


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