HELP ! Animated quizzes in MP4 Video

Jan 18, 2016

Hello everyone ! I am actually working on animated elearning présentations and face a little problem. If I insert an animated quiz in my presentation and convert the whole thing into MP4 video afterwards, will the quiz remain animated and clickable ?

Thanks alot for your help !

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Valentine -- Thanks so much for reaching out with your question! Would it be possible for you to share your file or a few more details so that we are able to perhaps better understand what you are hoping to accomplish?

And also, may I ask if you have gone ahead and tried converting your presentation to MP4 to see if you were able to click? My first inclination would be to say that as the presentation will be converted to an MP4, the quiz would no longer be clickable in a way that learners would be able to answer questions, but I am happy to check it out if you can share your file. :)

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