Animated Storyline without Buttons i.e. Autoplay??

Hi All,

I'm sorry if this question sounds silly but I'm just starting with storyline and am wondering is someone can please point me in the right direction or to a tutorial.

I'd like to do a simple demo for staff that would have different screens and characters etc but I'd like the scenes to automatically appear instead of having buttons. So I'd talk (narrate the first scene) and once the narration is complete it would automatically move onto the next scene?

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Greg Faust

Hi, and welcome to the forums.

Two things you should be looking at:

1. Player settings. Find it by clicking the Player button on the Home tab (up top). You'll find more settings than you know what to do with. Don't worry about most of them for now; just know they exist for the day you do have to use them. The ones to look at right now are the Player Controls. This is how you can set defaults for your presentation.

2. Slide Properties. Either go into Story View, select a slide, and look at the controls on the right; Or go into Normal View, right-click empty space on a slide, and select "Slide Properties".

The specific setting you want for now is "Slide Advances: [Automatically/By User]". You'll want it set to "Automatically". You'll also maybe want to fiddle with and make a decision about the Next and Prev buttons and the Timeline.