Animated Text cannot be moved on timeline

I'm having an issue with the attached slide. One piece of text "translation into English..." has become stuck on the timeline. The issue is retained even though I imported this slide into a new story.

There is also a text box that will not animate on the screen. (the text in blue). 

I'm able to fix the problem by removing the animation and re-adding it, but I'm interested in figuring out if there's a way to fix it, or at least to avoid this in the future so I don't have to redo work.

I've never experienced anything like this in SL1 or SL2. Anyone have some advice?

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Emily Ruby

Hello Victoria!

Please make sure you are working locally with the file as described here. If the issue persists on other files, you could try to preform a repair of Storyline.

I took a look at the file and the text box with the "Translation to English" is set up to show from sec all the way to the end of the timeline. If you need this to fade out after a certain time, you can make this into its own text box with an exit animation. Also, the blue text did animate for me in preview when i viewed your course.

Victoria Nap

I'm not sure we're on the same page here. I work with paragraphs like this all the time. All of the other paragraphs are working properly - this single one cannot be moved on the timeline. It's stuck there. I can't hide it/unhide it, move it, anything. As you can see, it's lined up with the paragraph above it. I want it to come in after that.

Are you not experiencing that same behavior on your end? Because I had the same problem in the original project, and this one that I imported into.