SL360 - Animating a menu with many buttons

We have created different menus that contain a set of buttons.  So to make only 2 animations per menu (enter & exit), we have grouped each menu set and they behave as expected.  

The problem we have, is that by being grouped, when we hover over any of the buttons, all the others buttons in the group also change state.

Each one of the 3 menus has 14 buttons.  Is there anyway of making it so we can make 1 animation per menu set, but keep button states individual? 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mariano!

Have you tried adding the menu to a slide layer rather than the base layer? That way, you'll only need one trigger to activate the menu, and you can easily copy the menu to other slides by simply copy/pasting the layer.

I put together a quick sample for you to try. Let me know if this will work for you!


Mariano Aran

Thank you very much Alyssa.  This worked great and gave me another idea!

To make it smoother, I wanted to make the menu slide out when clicked, before moving to the clicked slide.

It was a bit more work, but I only had 7 menu items so I ended up doing this:

  1. Used a variable 'slide_number'.  Then each menu item had a trigger that assigned a value to that variable (ie. 1, 5, 17, etc)
  2. Then some other tiggers that jumped to slide number x if variable "slide_number=x"

So, in th end, Menu layer behaves something like this:

  1. Slides in
  2. Pauses timeline at 1sec
  3. When any item clicked --> we assign corresponding value to variable 
  4. Then "resume timeline"
  5. Jump to slide number 1 if variable "slide_number=1"  When timeline ends
  6. Jump to slide number 5 if variable "slide_number=5" When timeline ends
  7. etc

There are a couple more things added (that are not perfectly executed as I run out of time)... like menu buttons flying in and out with menu, etc...  but wanted to share back anyway as I always get great input from this community.

Here is the story file and the publish



William Beardsley

I can see how this solves the problem in this situation but when you need to group a number of buttons for the purpose of animating that group all at once this option does not work. Trying to animate every single button individually is painstaking (to get them in the right position). Is there an actual way of stopping the states changing on all the items in the group so that only the one hovered over changes??

Lauren Connelly

Hi William!

It sounds like you've already tried grouping the buttons and adding a trigger for the animation. Is there an example that you can share with us so we can give you a more tailored workaround?

You can do so by using the "add attachment" button in this discussion. Or you can share the file privately with our Support Engineers by using this link.

William Beardsley

Lauren, this did not actually fix the issue. Where I have grouped buttons they still show up as all hover state when I roll over one. I couldn't really see how anything had changed in the video you sent as you never demonstrated what happened when you hovered over the grouped buttons only when you hovered over the non-grouped buttons. Also I downloaded the file and it has not changed (in function) from when I sent it. It still hovers all buttons that are grouped.