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Jun 07, 2012

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if it would be possible to animate an object between different states. For example, I have a large image of a compass and I want the compass to slide down and reveal a map when the student clicks on "North" or "South". Right now I have it so that the first state changes to the second state at the bottom of the screen when the user clicks on North, but it's a very quick transition and I'm trying to make it more fluid. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get around this?



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Daniela Schiano di Cola

Sure, I can post it. I understand, I knew when I explained it that I didn't explain it very clearly. From what I have so far (unfinished) you can click on "north" and " east" and the compass will "move" to reveal the image underneath in those areas. What I want to accomplish is to have this move smoothly, maybe with an animation like fly-in so that it seems to be sliding around. Also, I can't figure out how to do it so that the user can reclick on the same spot and return it to normal, or click on the next North/South/East/West button and change fit the flow. Let me know if this makes more sense, hopefully it will be seeing the file.

Thanks so much for your input,


Nancy Woinoski

Hi Daniela - I have uploaded a very rough example of one way to do this. Since Storyline does not have the ability to do this type of animation, I used PowerPoint to animate the movement of the compass and then saved the PowerPoint slide and a .wmf file (video).

In Storyline, I inserted a picture of the compass and then edited the states to add a new state called AnimateDown. In this state I inserted the .wmf video.

I added a trigger to the south text that tells SL to change the state of the compass picture to AnimateDown on click.

Annie Jean

Hi Daniela,

I looked at it and thought about something.

I don't know how to make the compass move but found something interesting.

Using layers and fade in/fade out (very slowly) animation on the compass gives an interesting result. So you need 4 layers for each direction. What I would do first is to set the triggers on the compass on the base slide since you will be able to copy/paste it and the triggers will follow. Also, to take the compass back to its original position (base slide) I would probably add a hotspot in the middle of the compass.

So, once your triggers are set, you can copy and paste the compass to their respective area on the four slides and it should work smoothly.

I don't know if this solution suits you...

Post back if you want more information.

Have a nice day!


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