Animating bulleted objectives

Aug 22, 2012

Hi all,

I'm working on my first course in Storyline and just finished recording my narration. Yay! However, I can't get my bullets to animate in individually on my objectives slide. I don't typically use much text (especially bulleted text) on my slides, but I like listing the objectives out and having them animate in as I speak. I've read some other posts that say to use cue points, so I added cue points. This did absolutely nothing. Do I need to put each line of text in its own text box? Isn't there a way to get individual lines of text to animate in separately?

Thanks for your help!

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Sarah Newman

Ohhhhh! I actually had tried both "all at once" and "by first level paragraph," but because the text box line in timeline didn't automatically expand to show that each bullet had its own timeline box/level/whatever, I didn't know how to match them up with cue points. Thanks so much for your help!