Animating By Paragraph Missing in 360

Hey everyone,

I'm just building in 360 for the first time in a couple of months and noticed that I can't animate by paragraph. I don't mean it's not working, I mean it's not there - like I'm back in SL1. I searched around and found a screenr on how to do it in 360 using the options dropdown, so it seems like it's me.  I checked each type of animation and nada.

I just updated to the latest edition this afternoon.

Any advice?

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Steve Blane

Thanks Alyssa, I'll try the repair and see if that works. It's here on my laptop, just my desktop has it missing. It was a text box.

Thanks for the video Leslie, but as I mentioned in my OP it wasn't a matter of not knowing how to do it (if I didn't know I would've learned in the screenr i found) but i just could do it.