Animating multiple items

Hi, I have a problem that I'm sure there's a solution to. This is the scenario:

There are 3 images. I want the user to click on an image and the image moves up on an animation path to stand out to the other two images. Now when a user clicks one of the other two images, I want that image to go up and the last image to go down. 

I have tried various things but couldn't get it to work. (It doesn't help that I have a total of 6 images, which makes this rather complex)

Anybody has an idea for an easy solution? 

Cheers, Niels

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Niels -- thanks for reaching out with your question! Would you possibly have a file you've started that you are able to  share so that your fellow community members can share their suggestions? Please use the ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left corner and browse for your file from there. 

You would also be welcome to post over in the Building Better Courses forum for additional design input. :)

Niels Vollrath

Hi Christie,

What I tried was to have triggers and motion paths, moving the objects up and down. And coming back to the office this morning I figured it out. Using state changes and various triggers with motion paths did the trick. Though it's a lot of triggers for a rather simple effect. Maybe someone has a better idea how to do this in a simple way?

Cheers, Niels