Animating zoom-out and zoom-in?

Hi everyone,

Is there a simple way of being able to animate an object so it appears to either start small (in the background) and then move closer to the screen.

Or have an object start at 100% and move to 50% whilst traveling to the left of the screen? So it's moving out of the way?

I hope that makes sense?



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Christopher Grant



There may be a simpler way of doing this but I tend to:

  1. Create a new state on the object - new state being a larger version of the original.
  2. Create a trigger to change state when timeline reaches a certain time
  3. Create a trigger to change state back to normal when timeline reaches a certain time (if you want this to happen)


Hope this helps!

Stu Bailey

Hey Christopher, 

Thank's for your suggestion... It kind of works, but because of the way Storyline is built, there's no motion tweening so it doesn't look a smoothing transition from large to small.

I didn't realise I could do that with states though ;) So thank you for the new tip!!!!